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 The Foundational Assessment

This invaluable appointment is a one-time, deep dive consultation where you learn about the unique imbalances that are impacting your symptoms and disease.  

This appointment is the first step to our comprehensive 12 month membership, however there is no obligation to proceed with the membership. 

More Time 

This 90 minute appointment provides the space and time for you to feel heard as well as fully understand your comprehensive plan. 

Comprehensive Lab Results

A thorough lab review will be conducted discussing nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, inflammation and more.

Enhanced Support

Included in the assessment is a follow up appointment with our health coach as well as our therapist to help you move into action. 

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What do our assessments do?

  • Identify all areas of imbalance and dysfunction
  • Create a roadmap, develop a system and create a personalized plan
  • Boost awareness to help you make informed decisions
  • Looks at imbalances in both your internal and external environments:
    • Internal environment: Nutrient Status, Inflammation, Gut health, Detoxification, Genetic predisposition, Digestion

    • External Environment: Sleep quality, Activity level, Type of diet/Quality of food, Network of support – relationships, Stress management, Mental health, Toxic burden (Quality of home care products, Quality of personal care products), Home and work building environments (Mold, Electromagnetic frequencies Sunlight, Quality of Water)

Your one time investment includes:

  • Thorough 90-minute virtual appointment with Dr. Matteoli
  • Lab review - Advanced Biomarker Testing
  • Integrative 8-part health plan
  • Virtual health coach appointment
  • Virtual Consultation with our Therapist

Get the support you need.

Your individual holistic treatment plan is customized to your life and circumstances. We factor in a patient’s internal and external environments, and get to the fundamental cause of lifestyle driven disease. We are here to assist you on this journey, and invite you to take an active role in your health. Our team focuses on patient-centered approaches to healing. This is the way medicine was meant to be.


Take control of your health.

Learn the WHY and the HOW of your dis-ease. You deserve a physician trained to identify subtle imbalances in lab work, teach you WHY you are feeling less than optimal and HOW to make customized changes in your life. Through advanced diagnostic testing and interpretation, you will gain insight into your wellness and learn the drivers of your disease.


What Happens Next


Upon completion of your Foundational Assessment, Dr. Matteoli will discuss with you what she believes is contributing to your symptoms and offer advanced testing and support in the form of our year long membership.  


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